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  • Do You Love Your Mac?

    We do. That is why we spent years of development to create MacKeeper.

    What is MacKeeper?

    MacKeeper is an essential tool for your Mac. It’s an easy way to manage routine tasks and keep your Mac secured, clean and running fast!

    What Makes It so Special?

    MacKeeper is a bundle of most important system utilities for doing various tasks
    on your Mac. It will rescue you from numerous apps and dozens of customer support centers!

    System Requirements Intel Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • MacKeeper Includes the Following Security Features:

    Internet Security

    Internet Security

    Protect your Mac from all kinds of Internet fraud.

    The World Wide Web is the most vulnerable place for Mac security. With Real-Time Safe Browsing feature you can surf the Internet without worries as all malicious websites will be blocked automatically. You'll be protected from these and many other threats:

    • Credit card fraud
    • Identity thefts
    • Email spoofing
    • Phishing

    Antivirus for Mac Included

    We offer a leading Mac OS engine antivirus in case you need extra security, for example, when you work with Windows emulators such as Parallels or VMWare.


    Find your Mac if it gets stolen.

    In case your Mac ever gets stolen, Anti-Theft will track its location and even make an iSight snapshot of the thief.

    Location Report

    An iSight photo of the thief taken when generating a report.

    Thief Snapshot

    Your Mac’s current geographical position based on Wi-Fi and network details.

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  • MacKeeper Includes the Following Data Control Features:

    Data Encryptor

    Data Encryptor

    Hide your private files.

    Data Encryptor hides your files using a password so that the data cannot be found through Finder or Terminal.
    Files Recovery

    Files Recovery

    Preview and recover deleted files.

    Files Recovery scans your hard drive for deleted files that can be still recovered.


    Schedule backup for your files and folders.

    Backup creates reserve copies of your files and folders on external storages: USB Flash drive, External HDD, FTP, and Files Finder.


    Delete files and folders forever.

    Shredder deletes files or folders without any chance to recover them.

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  • MacKeeper Includes the Following Cleaning Features:

    Disk Usage

    Disk Usage

    Visualize the size of your

    Disk Usage is the easiest way to detect big files on your hard drive. It scans your folders and marks them with different colors depending on size.

    Duplicates Finder

    Duplicates Finder

    Remove duplicate files.

    Duplicates Finder detects file copies that take up space on your Mac's hard drive.

    Fast Cleanup

    Fast Cleanup

    Clean your Mac quickly
    and safely.

    Fast Cleanup finds and removes all junk files on your hard drive with these cleaners:

    • Binaries cutter - Binaries Cutter
    • Caches cleaner - Cache Cleaner
    • Languages cutter - Languages Cutter
    • Logs cleaner - Logs Cleaner
    Smart Uninstaller

    Smart Uninstaller

    Uninstall leaving no junk

    Smart Uninstaller completely removes applications, widgets, preference panes and plugins.

    Files Finder

    Files Finder

    Quickly find any files.

    Files Finder scans your Mac's hard drive for all files of the selected file type.

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  • MacKeeper Includes the Following Optimization Features:

    Update Tracker

    Update Tracker

    Get the latest versions
    of all your apps.

    Update Tracker checks each application
    installed on your Mac for a new version
    Login Items

    Login Items

    Boost your login time.

    With Login Items you can control
    automatic startup of selected
    Default Apps

    Default Apps

    Choose an application
    to open a file with.

    With Default Apps you can define which
    application will open each file type.

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  • Geek on Demand

    Geek on Demand

    Get expert technical assistance.

    Geek on Demand gives professional answers to all your technical questions. Describe your problem in detail and present a new challenge to our experts. You will receive a guaranteed answer within 48 hours!

    Can Help You With:

    • Mac Basics
    • Mac OS X
    • iPhone
    • iPad/iPod/iPod Touch


    • Mac Peripherals
    • Buying Tips and Advice
    • Mac Software
    • iPad Software

    What Can Geek on Demand Do for You?

    • configure your Mac using remote access
    • give qualified phone assistance on your issue
    • provide materials with expert research
    • give advice based on vast experience

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Compatible with OS X Yosemite

Good news - now MacKeeper is fully compatible with the new OS X Yosemite! We have conducted in-depth testing of MacKeeper with every preview build of OS X Yosemite, so feel free to upgrade your OS!

Expert Reviews

  • "... MacKeeper covers a wide range of these services in an effort to be the only (or at least main) tool a typical user would need to keep their Mac maintained. ..."

  • "MacKeeper gives you the option of treating your computer's maintenance as a whole master duty that can be accomplished from a single application. I can't wait to see what they bring on within the next couple of months when important updates are announced."

    Juan González

Customers Feedback

  • Emily Gordon

    “I thought my MacBook was just tired and angry. I caved & bought MacKeeper and it's like I have a new machine. I'm a believer!!/Emdashes”

    Emily Gordon
  • Earl Stevens

    “This is a fantastic product - so glad I discovered it!”

    Earl Stevens
  • BobbyLynn Flesia

    “This is really cool, if you have a Mac sure makes it a lot simpler”

    BobbyLynn Flesia
  • Educational Organizations Reviews

    "Having seen and evaluated hundreds of Mac apps over the years, I have yet to see one with so much functionality and utility as MacKeeper. There are applications that have a few of the features in MacKeeper, and there are home-brewed ways to add similar functionality. But in all of my searches, I have not found a more reliable and user friendly, better supported or more cost effective way of doing them all. You can't beat the utility and value of Mac Keeper, and that is why it is the only non-educational software I recommend to our incoming students."

    Christopher M.J. Tangora | System Administrator | School of Architecture UNC Charlotte | College of Arts + Architecture
  • Non-Profit Organizations Reviews

    "With a busy wilderness lodge – The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille - in Kenya to run, as well as an active charity – The Ol Lentille Trust, keeping our computers free of clutter is really important to us. Kromtech’s MacKeeper does that for us with ease and elegance. Thank you."

    John Elias
    Managing Trustee