Fast Cleanup

Clean your Mac quickly and safely.

Fast Cleanup is a customizable set of these drive clean-up utilities:

  • Binaries Cutter
    Binaries Cutter

    Remove unneeded parts of applications.

    How It Works?

    Binaries Cutter scans your applications and deletes their unneeded parts designed for other platforms (either Intel or PowerPC) and leaves parts for the platform that your Mac uses.

  • Languages cutter
    Languages Cutter

    Remove unused languages from applications.

    How It Works?

    Languages Cutter scans your applications for different interface languages that waste disk space. Define the languages you need in Preferences and remove all unneeded ones.

  • Logs Cleaner
    Logs Cleaner

    Remove system and user log files.

    How It Works?

    Logs Cleaner scans your hard drive for system and user log files that waste disk space. These files are created for statistical purposes and can be safely removed by Logs Cleaner.

  • Cache Cleaner
    Cache Cleaner

    Remove system and user cache files.

    How It Works?

    Cache Cleaner scans your hard drive for system and user cache files that waste your disk space. Cache files are created to temporarily speed up file access but over time they take up unreasonable amounts of space. Cache Cleaner safely removes all of them.

How It Works?

Fast Cleanup finds and removes junk files on your hard drive to free up space. It uses a set of cleaners to run a complete system scan. After the scan all files that are safe to delete are checked, and you can remove them with one click.
Customize the scanning process by choosing the cleaners you need on the Fast Cleanup page.

  • Delip Rao

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    Delip Rao
  • wolszewski

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  • Mario Marioncelli

    “I like MacKeeper. It's already saved me 10 GB of Space using only the Demo.”

    Mario Marioncelli

How It Works?

Disk Usage scans your folders and marks them with different colors depending on size:
Red — >10GB
Orange — 1GB-10GB
Yellow — 1MB-1GB
Green — 1KB-1MB
White — not scanned
Gray — scanning...
Disk Usage is the easiest way to detect big files on your hard drive.

  • dragonballjiujitsu

    “I have been using 3-4 other programs to get all these features. Five stars.”

  • ajhockey88snipaa

    “Dude this app ROCKS!!!! the first time i ever did this i gained 7.3 GB BACK!!!!!”


Smart Uninstaller

Uninstall apps leaving no junk behind.

How It Works?

Smart Uninstaller completely removes applications, widgets, preference panes and plugins. When you drag an application to the Trash, its preferences, caches and logs still remain on your Mac's hard drive. Smart Uninstaller safely removes all of these items.

Manage your applications, widgets, preference panes, plugins and deleted apps leftover files.

Explore a full list of
all items you have
on your Mac.

Choose an item
to view its details
and delete it.

Scan the system
to see the newly installed apps,
widgets, plugins and preference panes.

Remove - Completely delete the item
with just one click.

Select your preferred view:
Tree or Table.

  • Tim Kau

    “Mackeeper comes to the rescue of Macbook AIR...”

    Tim Kau
  • AppleUser23

    “Great application for getting rid of Apps! I downloaded the 15 day trial and its only been 10 mins and i love it! I really recommend it!”