MacKeeper Includes the Following Data Control Features:

Data Encryptor

Protect your private files.

When to Use
  • Encrypt your banking information, tax declarations, etc.
  • Hide your personal data before giving your Mac to a friend or leaving it at a service center
  • Restrict your kids from viewing unwanted files
  • Encrypt your intellectual property

How It Works?

Data Encryptor makes your personal data invisible on the hard drive. It can use a password so that the data cannot be retrieved through Finder or Terminal. To hide your data, create a password, add files or folders, and click Hide.

Extra security hint: When adding items for hiding, you can encrypt them using another password.

  • Rik Rijnders

    “Very useful and well thought out app. Everything at a glance, nice design, easy to use...bravo!”

    Rik Rijnders
  • Riley Sadil

    “Mackeeper is helping to preserve my 6 year old G5. Check it out, it seems to be a pretty cool application.”

    Riley Sadil
  • Jennifer Jester

    “For all my friends who use Mac powerbooks. Just used MacKeeper and this thing has completely turned my bogged down Mac around! Worth $38!”

    Jennifer Jester

Files Recovery

Preview and recover deleted files.

Files Recovery Can Restore*:
  • Audio
    .mp3, .wav, .cda, .qcp, .rmi, .mid
  • Video
    .mov, .avi, .mp4, .vod, .mpg, .swf
  • Photo
    .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .tif, .tiff, .png, .icns, .svg, .gif, .psd, .psb, .dwg, .dxf
    Raw photos:
    .nef, .srw (or .dng), .kdc, .arw (or .sr2), .3fr, .dcr, .dng, .cr2, .orf, .pef, .raf, .mrw, .x3f
  • Documents
    .rtf, .xlsx, .docx, .pptx, .doc, .ppt, .pdf, .plist, .html, .xml, .pages, .numbers
  • Archives
    .zip, .rar, .7z
*For Windows devices it's possible to recover all file formats.

How It Works?

Files Recovery scans your hard drive for deleted files that can be still restored. To ensure complete restore of lost data, Files Recovery must run a deep scan of your hard drive which can take from 30 mins up to a few hours (depending on your storage capacity). Once the scan is complete, you can preview all found files using the Quick Look button and recover those you need with just one click.

Note: To avoid errors, you cannot recover files to the same drive and must use another storage device.

  • Living in Balance

    “MacKeeper is worth the price of admission! Was able to retrieve photos from camera that had been lost during transfer when computer froze.”

    Living in Balance
  • afk84

    “Best app for now i just tried it's amazing i found things in my deleted files i was like #OMG!”

  • Lindsey Hendrix Mitchel

    “Thank you MacKeeper - I just recovered photos that I had lost from 2006-2009, including priceless photos from my wedding and birth of my child that I thought were gone forever. THANK YOU”

    Lindsey Hendrix Mitchel


Schedule backup for your files and folders.

  • I added the files, but the Backup button doesn't work...
    • You need to choose a destination for the added files to let Backup know where to copy them.
  • How to create a schedule for backup?
    • Click the Manual button for the files you want to back up, and set up your schedule (daily, weekly etc.)
  • What are copies?
    • It's a number of available versions of your files. They are very useful when you need to recover previous versions of a file.
  • How to back up a file to more than one destination?
    • Create several backup groups and select different destinations for each group.

How It Works?

Backup creates reserve copies of your files and folders. Create your desired schedule and choose the backup destination:

  • USB Flash drive;
  • External HDD;
  • FTP.

  • Matt Shiv

    “Just did a Time Machine backup & cleaned the hard drive with MacKeeper. Gotta get this beast running smoother”

    Matt Shiv
  • Mac Pro

    “this is one of the best utilities you will ever buy and they just released 911 System Care for the PC you are free to try the software for 15 days. it is worth checking out.”

    Mac Pro
  • Michael John Spencer

    “This app MacKeeper is awesome! It works like clockwork.”

    Michael John Spencer


Delete files and folders forever.

When to Use
  • We recommend shredding all unneeded files that contain your personal data.
  • Before selling your Mac, shred all your personal data to make sure that no one will be able to recover it.

How It Works?

Shredder deletes files or folders without any chance to recover them. Just drag the files you want to permanently remove and click Shred.

Warning: Shredded files are gone forever, and even specialized software won't be able to restore them.

  • Huy Tran

    “MacKeeper offers some of best features at an amazing price!”

    Huy Tran
  • Michel Torres Lopes

    “Impressive, necessary, urgent! Thank you for existing!”

    Michel Torres Lopes
  • Vin

    “So the MacKeeper is kind of amazing. It's like a colonic for your Mac computer.”