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MacKeeper 2.x
is a software bundle for Mac OS X that unites more than 16 maintenance tools for security, data control, cleaning and optimization.

  • Purchase and activation are required to remove limited access to MacKeeper 2.x features.
  • Internet connection is required to use all features of MacKeeper 2.x.
  • The application can be accessed via an icon in the Apple Menu Bar.
  • The Internet Security and Anti-Theft features of MacKeeper 2.x are not installed by default and should be installed additionally.
    Note: MacKeeper 2.x Internet Security cannot be installed if any other antivirus program is already used.

MacKeeper Account
Should be created at to activate MacKeeper 2.x.

A Kromtech account is also needed to use the Anti-Theft and Geek on Demand online services of MacKeeper 2.x.

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