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Version 2.15

- Now it is possible to remove advertising extensions from browsers with Smart Uninstaller Ad Plugins cleaner.
- No password required during SignUp. Password will be generated automatically and sent to your email.
- Redesigned to fit with the newly-announced OS X Yosemite
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MacKeeper moving towards the Software-As-A-Service model

Please note that MacKeeper 3.x is not just an upgrade from the previous product versions; it is our first release in the all-new MacKeeper software-as-a-service lineup, which we will continue to develop moving forward. Because of the changes and enhancements in the product functionality and positioning, it made a lot of business sense for us to adjust the subscription model as well. It will allow us to develop and improve MacKeeper faster and serve our users better.
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Jeff McKenna, the Agile Guru and the Scrum Coach Visits Kromtech Alliance Corp.

Kromtech Alliance Corp. invited Jeff to its Kiev office during his recent visit to Ukraine to show him how Agile/Scrum practices are implemented on a day-to-day basis for the development of its flagship products MacKeeper and PCKeeper.
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Avira Licenses Anti-Virus Technology to Kromtech To Power MacKeeper Security

Security expert Avira announced today that it has licensed its industry leading anti-virus scanning engine to Kromtech Alliance Corp. to integrate into the next generation of the company’s MacKeeper product. MacKeeper is a popular security, cleaning and optimization software utility for Macintosh computers that combines 16 unique tools along with human expert assistance integrated into the software.
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AT testimonial from Jason M.

The serial was checked by a pawnbroaker's that flagged up the item as stolen. Police have retrieved the laptop and arrested the suspect.
Jason M.
London, United Kingdom
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AT testimonial from Luiz Eduardo

My apartment was assaulted day 12.02.14. My laptop was taken! From day 26/02/14 the MacKeeper passed a me say where was my laptop! So I went a police warrant to request a search and seizure. Few days later my laptop was recovered by the police! Much like to thank the staff of the MacKeeper and Kromtech for invaluable help. Thank You!!!
Luiz Eduardo
Porto Alegre, Brazil
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AT testimonial from Aimee M.

Our computer was stolen about a month ago and using the GPS given by Mackeeper allowed us to alert the cops so they could recover it.
Aimee M.
Birmingham, Alabama USA
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AT testimonial from Peter T.

My shop was broken into 19/2 and the main imac and external backup were stolen. This computer was our main drive with our point of sale data on it. CHAOS prevailed. I activated the computer stolen key.A month later i was notified that the computer was activated and i passed the information onto the police investigators. They then arranged a search warrant and successfully recovered my equipment minus the keyboard. Fantastic that system was working this well and i have been telling my friends about Mackeeper. A BIG THANK YOU Regards, Peter.
Peter T.
Melbourne, Australia
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AT testimonial from Alexander S.

I printed out all the snap shots taken by the camera of the thief and instantly recognized who it was, then I contacted the police and an officer came over and I gave him all the photos and the GPS coordinates and boom my friend who has stolen my phone before is now got a felony charge.
Alexander S.
Modesto, California USA
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AT testimonial from Paula M.

Anti-Theft gave me coordinates and IP address details which, when passed to the Police, were able to be tracked to a specific address. Laptop was recovered and my son's friend in Manchester was able to recover everything and reverse all the changes made on the laptop by the thief!
Paula M.
Nottingham, United Kingdom
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