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Feedback from Jill Darlington-Smith on Facebook

Thank you MacKeeper! With your live chat help I updated my software, cleaned up my laptop and turned on the firewall - that I didn't even know was off!
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Feedback from Vinny DeGennaro on Facebook

My eight year old Mac Mini's running like new. Thanks, MacKeeper!
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Feedback from Kristin Browning-Mezel on Facebook

Probably the best Mac software out there - so easy to use and support right there in the app. LOVE it!
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Feedback from Karen Blakely on Facebook

Just ran Mackeeper on my iMac that was running very slowly. It cleaned it up amazingly well, and is running much quicker today. Thanks for such a great program!
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Feedback from Ryan Thomson on Facebook

As a DJ/Producer, we get a lot of clutter, unwanted junk, random missing files, duplicated stuff taking up too much room, manuals in languages we will never use, plus the thought of my mac being stolen... I purchased Mackeeper and within hours, all my duplicated music and files had gone, all those annoying Japanese, Turkish, German, Spanish language settings had gone as Mackeeper knew I was English..
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Feedback from Ashley Carter on Facebook

Not only does MacKeeper keep my puter safe, it's FB statuses are full of Mac wisdom and shortcuts. This is one company I actually enjoy seeing in my newsfeed. :)
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Feedback from Christina Nielsen on Facebook

I've just bought MacKeeper. I thought it through all day, and finally I had to do it! I feel so much more safer now that my Mac is secured with anti-theft and so much more. That felt good!
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Feedback from Wade Roger-Lund on Twitter

Mackeeper does all the system scans as well as virus scans! Very good at keeping your Mac happy!
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Feedback from Umesh Fernando on Facebook

A Must-Have for the MacBook Pro! Awesome software. Finally deinstalled and removed unwanted programs!!
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Feedback from Tony Smith on Facebook

THANK YOU! Mackeeper, I just bought your software and immediately freed up over 3 GB's with "Fast Cleanup" and looking forward to more optimization. Awesome product!
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