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Feedback from Alicia Obermuller on Facebook

Mackeeper is the BEST thing since slice bread!..... This an awesome security software that Protects my Mac 100%. I am so in love with Mackeeper. Keep it up guys!
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Anti-Theft Feedback from Gary Viola

The anti-theft worked great. In about 3 days after the robbery we started getting photos and location reports. We submitted all those reports to the police and in less than a day my MacBook was back. Two Thumbs up!!!!
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Anti-Theft Feedback from Skipernicus

My laptop was stolen from the trunk of my car. It never logged in, or sent trace data for almost a year - whoever stole it apparently never went online with it. Eventually, it was sold, and the guy who bought it logged into a network. I was able to track it, and with the help of local law enforcement get my laptop back. Thank you so much!
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Antitheft Feedback from Tommy Finstad

Thanks! Your service is totally the best. I am so happy you found my computer!
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Antitheft Feedback from Woga

Have just found and retrieved the computer less than an hour ago ... now, I am happy I have just retrieved my Imac, thanks to MacKeeper. Thank you very much.
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Feedback from Shari K Bates on Facebook

I have been using MacKeeper for several years. One of my favorites is its ability to help me with duplicates. It has kept my Mac in great shape. Thanks MacKeeper.
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Feedback from Sean R Shaeffer on Facebook

I just purchased MacKeeper and all I can say is WOW what a difference this makes. The program deleted over 1.5 Gb of bad files and man this Mac is running super fast, just as fast as the day I bought it if not faster. Thanks MacKeeper.
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Feedback from Lynn Wolverton-Parker on Twitter

I'm definitely signing up for MacKeeper. My computer has been dragging and I tried the app this morning and it is instantly better and seems to be working like new!
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Feedback from Joshua Russell on Twitter

Totally convinced by this 15 day trial that I need to buy MacKeeper. Definitely amazing, cleaned about 10 gigs of duplicate songs!
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Feedback from Edd Broaddus on Facebook

Had MacKeeper for a while now, and it was worth every penny for the peace of mind. My Mac feels more secure just seeing the MacKeeper icon on the menu bar!
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