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Jeff McKenna, the Agile Guru and the Scrum Coach Visits Kromtech Alliance Corp.

Kromtech Alliance Corp. invited Jeff to its Kiev office during his recent visit to Ukraine to show him how Agile/Scrum practices are implemented on a day-to-day basis for the development of its flagship products MacKeeper and PCKeeper.
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Avira Licenses Anti-Virus Technology to Kromtech To Power MacKeeper Security

Security expert Avira announced today that it has licensed its industry leading anti-virus scanning engine to Kromtech Alliance Corp. to integrate into the next generation of the company’s MacKeeper product. MacKeeper is a popular security, cleaning and optimization software utility for Macintosh computers that combines 16 unique tools along with human expert assistance integrated into the software.
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Kromtech Alliance Corp. Joins Google Partners

Kromtech Alliance Corp., the owner of MacKeeper software has become an official Google Partner. Earning the Google Partner status and badge means that Kromtech Alliance Corp. has established itself as a credible business and a customer-focused company that its product users and business prospects can trust.

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Kromtech Alliance Corp. Achieves Software Partner Status with Intel

The company continues enhancing its MacKeeper service, now with the help of Intel's tools and resources.
The Software Partner qualification process included the evaluation of Kromtech Alliance's technical expertise and software against tests designed by Intel.

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MacKeeper 3.0 Gets Thumbs Up at MacWorld 2014

For the forth year in a row, MacKeeper brand took part in probably the most important event in Mac consumer community, MacWorld 2014. This year the team's objective at MacWorld 2014 was to showcase the all new MacKeeper 3.0. It's a new generation of the product with “human” assistance integrated into the software. It combines the complex algorithms of the computer technology with technical expertise and creative thinking of a live support representative who can solve users Mac problems 24/7. All MacKeeper experts are certified by Apple. Read more.
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MacKeeper Partners with Google's Geolocation Service and the MapQuest Web Mapping Service

Kromtech Alliance Corporation has announced that the MacKeeper Anti Theft application has partnered with Google's Geolocation Service and the MapQuest Web Mapping Service.

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Kromtech Alliance Corp acquires MacKeeper and PCKeeper from ZeoBit LLC

The acquisition will bring a new focus and direction to the MacKeeper and PCKeeper product lines and offer customers the same level of quality and support that will be provided by Kromtech Alliance Corp. With millions and millions users ZeoBit has been a pioneer in developing cleaning, security and optimization software for both the Windows and the Macintosh operating systems. ZeoBit intends to focus primarily on cloud storage technology, research and development. ...
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MacKeeper Team At MacWorld/iWorld 2013!

This year, our team had a great opportunity to represent MacKeeper 2012 at the MacWorld expo in San Francisco, California.
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Zeobit Releases a New Version of MacKeeper at the MacWorld | iWorld 2012 Expo

The ZeoBit team was in full force attending the MacWorld Expo in San Fransisco California. ZeoBit is proud to be an official sponsor of such a great event. Macworld has a well earned reputation as one of the world's largest tech events and a place where new products and services are released to the public...
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MacKeeper 1.8: New Antivirus Engine and 9 Languages

Sunnyvale, CA, July 26, 2011 – ZeoBIT LLC has released MacKeeper 1.8 with faster antivirus due to new engine plus the interface translated to 9 languages.
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