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Feedback from Al Reid on Facebook

I would say this is one of the absolute best system tools I have worked with..
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Feedback from Cleveland Mitchell on Facebook

Love MacKeeper, everyone should try it!
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Albertville School Has Chosen MacKeeper!

News about Albertville School and its choice of MacKeeper.
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MacKeeper: Keep Your Mac Clean, Fast and Secured

is a website for Mac lovers that contains a whole load of cool Mac app reviews. It's very pleasant to know that AppStorm has made an exception for MacKeeper - as a rule they don't review the sponsor apps. The very detailed review is written by Joshua Johnson, an "avid Mac evangelist", as he calls himself. The article rests upon all MacKeeper feature groups: Security, Data Control, Cleaning, and Optimization. In the end the author shares his own experience from using the app, and it's mostly positive :) The overall score given to MacKeeper by AppStorm is 9 out of 10. The full article can be found .
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Testimonial from The Ol Lentille Trust!

is a charitable organization aimed at enhancing the life in Kenya areas by conservation, education, healthcare, and enterprise development. John Elias, the Managing Trustee, was very kind to share his feedback.
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MacKeeper on Air!

News about MacKeeper radio interview + reviews and testimonials.
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Version 0.9.8

- Added the Open and Open With elements to contextual menus where applicable
- Added the Feedback button to the Support Bar
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Testimonial from Antioch Fellowship!

is a Missionary Baptist Church based in Dallas. Justin G. Bennett, a media specialist at the church, gave a detailed testimonial about MacKeeper. Thanks a lot!!!
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Feedback from Wolszewski on Twitter

MacKeeper jest boski. 16GB and counting!
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