MacKeeper Remote Support

MacKeeper Remote Support tool will help solve your issues more quickly and efficiently. With it our representatives will be able to remotely connect to your Mac's desktop using a secure ID and a password.

Download Remote Support Tool

Here you will find a short description of how to use the tool. However, please use it only if requested by our support representative.

To download MacKeeper Remote Support, click here and wait until the download is complete.
In the upper right corner of the Downloads popup double-click the MacKeeperQS.dmg item to mount the volume.
That is how the MacKeeper Remote Support tool looks like. You can either copy it to your Applications folder or run it directly from the mounted drive. Mac OS may ask for permission to execute an app downloaded from the Internet; please confirm it to open the tool.
In the MacKeeper Remote Support window you will find the ID and password generated for your Mac. This information should be passed to one of our representatives to connect to your Mac. Once the connection is established, you will be able to monitor all our actions and stop the Remote Support session whenever you like.
Download Remote Support Tool
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